Important thing Our aim is the introduction of the future. Core value

Management philosophy

We will gather our unity power. We are proud of our products and service, and take responsibility for them.We share core values.
All employees together aim for growth and continuous development.
We also contribute to the local community.

Our Products

We mainly manufacture thin optics film coating, functional optics coating which are used for
medical equipment, survey instruments and cameras.
Also we have much experience with exact scribe cutting. Our processing which has been cultivated
since the establishment of our business. We provide it to the customer’s needs.

Business domain

We want to take exciting pictures by “Light and Thin film”technique.
We want to be able to see things that we couldnʼt see before.
We want to analyze things that you can see.
We provide products and services as a partner to solve problems.

Core values

We value speed and flexible responses.
We value trusting relationships with clients.
We value our unity power.